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Bright and Cozy Living Room

Light and Airy Living RoomI have fallen in love with Sarah Sherman Samuel.  She has this amazing blog on which she details how she creates this space.  There are many more drool-worthy pictures of this living room.  AND if that wasn’t enough to love, it’s also a “before and after”.  I’m sucked in.

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I found this pin (as always) on Pinterest.  If you’re new to my blog, you need to understand what I do.  I am a dreamer, much like many of my fellow pinners.  If you’re looking for the real way to make this space (and I suggest you do) you need to go see my new bestie, Sarah Sherman Samuel (just kidding she doesn’t know I exist).  My version is simply the “made for DVD” sequel, which I would argue is still pretty good.

Sarah (I like to call her “Sar”) created a particularly wonderful space because of it’s many cozy seating options.  I judge spaces in lots of ways, one of which is “nap-ability”.  Would I be able to take a solid nap here?  I think so.  That sofa looks firm, yet comfy.  I could definitely fall asleep while reading in that yellow chair.  And don’t get me started on that faux fur chair.  That might inspire me to return to my thumb-sucking roots.

Window Treatment

In the pin, the white curtains surround the windows in a kind of cloud-like frame.  Light and airy.  They’re connected with some round metal curtain rings, which adds a little extra bling to the curtains.  The curtains just frame the window so well.

White Curtains

Round Metal Curtain Rings


Well, since this is a living room, it should also be at least a little bit of an entertaining space.  (Assuming you have time to do things like that.)  I like the variety of the pieces in this space.  Since my tastes change weekly, the less I try to make a space too put together, the easier it is to swap out a chair that I’m over.  (Note: this behavior has been known to drive a certain husband I’m connected to absolutely INSANE.)

Jens Chair

I know I previously gushed about the furry chair, however in this case I had to pick something a little more practical.  Here’s why: I have kids.  Dear gawd!  Can you imagine the horror of trying to fish a mashed up snack out of that lovely fur?  Please don’t think this chair from Design Within Reach is a second choice.  No way, Jose!  It has great lines.  It’s sleek and modern and sexy and vacuum-able.

Raleigh Sofa in FabricNow, if you look at this sofa from Design Within Reach and think, “it’s just a gray sofa.” You, my friend, would be 100% wrong-o.  Here’s what it has a) great straight lines b) delicious wood accents c) a beautiful color and d) an easy to accessorize pallet.  So, when I get restless with the space, I can swap accent pillows instead of furniture.  (Note: this behavior is more acceptable when attempting to keep the peace at home.)

English Roll Arm Upholstered ChairThis is my reading chair of choice!  Here it is.  I found it.  You can find it at Restoration Hardware.  Here’s how my reading fantasy goes: rainy day, kindle, fire in the fireplace, and my super soft Star Wars blanket that my family gave me for Christmas.  In reality, the Star Wars blanket doesn’t quite fit into the aesthetic, but who are we kidding?  I live in Southern California we don’t have rain and it’s currently too hot for fires.

Daisy Pillow CoverWhen it’s time to add a splash of color to those babies, I like these pillows found at Birch Lane.  I like when there’s a theme to pull non-matching together.  In this case, you can use the same traditional-looking pattern in multiple colors.


The tables in this space are all round, which is their own little theme.  They’re a little clique-y but we don’t mind because they’re cute.

Fusion Living White High Gloss Coffee Table with Bamboo LegsThe coffee table, being the literal center of the room, brings a cozy space together.  Being round, it’s easier to navigate.  I picked this table from Fusion Living because of the wood contributions.  I like the white surface, but I also want a little variation in color.  This table’s got it.

Mid-Century Upholstered StoolAfter a preliminary search, I’ve found that apparently foot stools are fairly easy to make.  Who knew?  But don’t trouble yourself because I’ve found an adorable solution from West Elm.

Metal Accordion Side Table Before we get too far, take a moment to examine the adorable feet on this table from Urban Outfitters.  Seriously!  Little toes!  Beyond the toes, this table would be a very practical end table in a kid-infested house.  Spills are no problem when it’s shaped like a tray.  Practical and cute…what a combo!

Sun Symbol Shag RugI’m a big fan of Urban Outfitters‘ rugs.  This is my second post featuring one.  Check out another one of my favorite rugs here.  I feel very strongly that rugs have to be cozy.  I think that’s why I like these ones so much.  Maximum cozy!


I don’t know if these vases are ESSENTIAL to the look of the living room, however I suspect they are.  I’m beginning to notice that I’m particularly attracted to spaces with a heavy nature influence.  The bushy greenery on the fireplace breaks up the white in the pin.

Cowrie Ceramic Vessels, LargeI like this vase from Williams-Sonoma because of its multifaceted coloring.  Let’s face it.  I am not the type of person to be able to keep gorgeous live or cut plants in my house.  On occasion, sure.  But definitely not always.  This is why I picked a patterned vase here.  This way it’s beautiful and interesting to look at even if there’s nothing in it.

Langdon VasesThese vases from Pottery Barn are in here because they make me want to travel.  Weathered white pottery with some olive branch hanging out.  Anyone up for a trip to Greece?  Anyone?  Ok, well I’ll settle for them in this living room so I can feel like I’m already there.


I write a blog on my Mac.  I like technology.  I like TV.  I don’t get to watch that much, but I like it none the less.  So, I’m including one in my ideal living room.

VIZIO M65-C1 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2015 Model)Here’s the thing, I don’t know anything at all about technology or it’s jargon.  However, I can tell you that according to CNET, this TV is pretty good.  You can find it on Amazon.  Yeah, that’s all I can tell you.

I absolutely LOVE breaking down spaces.  If you find an image you want me to deconstruct shoot it my way on social media.  Be sure to tag #deconstructedpins when you DIY your own space.  Thanks for stopping by!





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